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About Us

Tracy Baxter 
Owner / Designer / Wedding Planner

Beyond Elegance Events & Weddings, LLC  (dba) B.E. Events


I discovered my passion for party planning at a very young age. My parents would host parties at our home often and I always wanted to help with the arrangements. As I got older I began to host many events in my own home.  It wasn’t long before family and friends would ask me to decorate their parties and events. So, I took my party planning passion to a higher level, by attending and graduating from Ashworth College for Bridal Consulting with Honors.             


Coupling my planning experience with my wedding certification, Beyond Elegance Events and Weddings, was established. I've been blessed to collaborate and intern with some of the industry’s top event design and planning professionals. It brings me the greatest of pleasure to see people laughing and enjoying life, and I am dedicated and very passionate about creating memorable experiences for my clients.


So, we offer my services at affordable prices because I believe everyone should be able to celebrate, no matter their budget. We love challenging ourselves and doing something no one has done before so bring us your challenge! You will not be disappointed.


The Lotus Network, chose Tracy to be the featured "Lotus Lady" in February 2023. 
"The Lotus Lady initiative puts a spotlight on the incredible life journey of one of these women each month." 

It’s Never Too Late to Do Something Special

Tracy Baxter

In Tracy Baxter’s childhood, summer was a time when laughter and music filled the house and the aromas of barbecued ribs, cornbread, green beans, and sweet potato pie wafted from the kitchen and backyard. On those weekend mornings, if she rose early enough, Tracy was rewarded with a coveted seat in the family station wagon to go pick up the fresh pastries that would fuel the family as they cooked and cleaned to welcome their guests.

The family home, which doubled as a daycare center during the week, was always a bustling place and even when they weren’t entertaining, finding a quiet spot outside of her own bedroom was a rarity. One of eleven siblings, five of whom were still living at home, Tracy learned to adapt her somewhat introverted nature to the social demands of her busy household. The frequent gatherings of friends and family and the preparations that went into them became some of Tracy’s warmest childhood memories. They also turned out to be the experiences that laid the foundation for the entrepreneur she would eventually become.

Once she had a family of her own, it was important to Tracy to create as many special memories as possible, whether through service to others or the personal touches that make a family member feel truly honored and loved. One eagerly anticipated annual tradition took place at Thanksgiving, when Tracy and her husband and children (including the children they were fostering) would cook mounds of extra food, load up the car, and deliver meals to the homeless. To make a brother’s birthday special one year, Tracy enlisted her children’s help in filling the house with crepe paper streamers to create a colorful surprise party. She later threw a luau graduation celebration for her daughter, turning the front porch into a tiki hut and the inside into a Hawaiian paradise. A grandchild who requested an underwater themed party for her 5th birthday was treated to a watery dreamscape with fish swimming from the ceiling and an underwater sound system bubbling in the background. Her grandchildren, Tracy jokes, grew up with no idea what a “normal” birthday party was like!

Each celebration required meticulous care and preparation. Planning often started a year in advance. Whether it was a child’s birthday or a cousin’s graduation or a hospitality committee event at church, everyone who knew her agreed: Tracy was the go to person to make an event a success. She did it as a labor of love and to make people happy; no other compensation was required, although there was a part of her that wondered if perhaps she could turn her side passion into a profession. Continue to the full article

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