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Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond Elegance Events & Weddings wants to make sure your event comes together smoothly.
Below are some questions that we're happy to answer before your scheduled venue tour.

How Do I Know If My Date Is Available?

Fill out the Event Form and one of our staff members will respond with confirmation or alternatives.


How Do I Reserve A Specific Date(s)?

By paying the Deposit/Retainer required for that date(s).


Do You Require A “Deposit/Retainer” on All Event Packages?

Yes, $700 for Weddings and $500 for any other kind of event; This is a non-refundable charge which locks in your date and it is also your first payment.


Is There A “Damage Deposit” Or An “Incidental Fee”?

Yes, Both. The total charge is $500 which includes a “non-refundable incidental fee” of $100 and the “damage deposit"... $400 of the damage deposit will be refunded between 5-10 business days after your event if no damages to the venue have occurred.


If There Are Any Damages, How Do I Know They Were Caused By My Event?

A very good question… There will be a complete venue walk-through with you and one of our staff prior to your event, on the day of your event. Any damages will be noted at that time and initialed by you and the venue staff member. Then, there will be another walk-through after your event to check the venue for what was not found on the initial walk-through.


Can I Make Payments On The Package I Chose?

Yes, a payment schedule can be setup. Payments can be made through Zelle, by Cash or Credit Card. However, if paying by Credit Card we reverse the 3.5% processing fee back to you. 


How Long Do I Have To Make The Payments?

All payments must be completed twenty-one (21) days prior to your event date.


How Do I Know What The Guidelines and Rules Are For My Events?

They are all outlined specifically within your Contract, and you must initial each area stating that you’ve read and understand those areas before signing and dating the Contract.


Do You Have A Kitchen?

Yes-a Prep Kitchen. (sink, refrigerator, microwave, countertops, prep-work spaces).


Do You Allow Cooking On Site?

There is no cooking allowed onsite; However, Crock Pots, Chaffin Dishes and Sternos, Electric Warming Plates, Electric Grills are permitted.   


When Can I View The Venue Space?

We have scheduled venue tours on Tuesdays between 3pm-7pm, on Wednesdays between 10am-3pm, on Thursdays and Saturdays by appointment only. All tours are no more than 1/2hr. Scheduling link:


How Much Time Is Allowed For My Event?

There are 4-Hour and 6-Hour time slots available for Fridays and Saturdays.  Negotiable time slots for Mondays through Thursday and Sunday... Slots may be negotiable depending on each individual situation.


How Late Can My Event Go?

Up until 12-Midnight / or 1am is the latest.


How Early Can I Start My Event?



Can I Reserve or Book More Time Then The Event Package Time Slot?

Yes! Each additional hour is $200. Each slot(s) is contingent upon availability and must be discussed and approved in writing prior to your Event.

What If I Only Want To Rent The Venue For A Couple Of Hours Without A Package?

The large room of the Venue can be rented by the hour at a rate of $150.00/Hour for small activity classes such as Zumba, Yoga, CCW, Steppin’, Dance, Martial Arts/Tai Chi, etc. up to three hours maximum… NOTE: Monthly Contracts are available at a much lower Rate.  This rate is not applicable on weekends.  Please note, we also have a Multipurpose Room available for up to 10 people for $85.00 per hour with a TV Included for the purpose of Small Meetings, Trainings, or Workshops.


How Much Are Your Event Packages?

There are several Event Package Base Rates listed on our website: Click here
Go to the tab at the top of the page that says “PACKAGES” and find the one that best meets your needs and imagination for your “Special Event”.


Can I Do My Own Decorating?

Yes. Either you can do it yourself, you can have an outside decorator do it, or we can do it for you. No Glitter or Confetti of any kind allowed. Also, there can be nothing hung on any of the walls inside the venue.


Can I Get In Early To Set-Up For My Event?

Your set-up and break-down time is included within the time slot you choose. If there's not another event booked before or after you, you can pay for additional setup time.


Am I Responsible To Clean Up After My Event?

A cleaning fee is included in most of the event packages. However, you are responsible for taking out All of your trash at the end of your event.


Is Liquor Allowed?

Yes,  Beer, Wine, Champagne, Wine Coolers, Mimosas (with Sparkling Champagne)...and one of our certified bartender(s) must be present to serve. Also, Licensed/Bonded Security personnel must be on site at the venue anytime alcohol is being served.


Do You Allow Outside Caterers?

Yes, And they are required to provide us with a copy of their COI (Certificate Of Insurance) prior to your event.  Or, you can choose any of our Preferred Caterers.


Can I Have A “DJ Or MC” For My Event?

Yes, You can bring your own or you can use one of our versatile House DJ’s or MC’s. 


Can I Play My Own Music From A Computer, Tablet, Cellphone Or Other Similar Device?

Yes. There is WIFI and blue tooth signal available for you to use within the venue. We have to adhere to the City of Aurora/ Arapahoe County sound ordinance laws, so all music must be played at a respectful level.


Is WIFI And/or Bluetooth Available within the Venue?

Yes, Both.


Can I Have Live Music / A Band?

Yes. Contact B.E. Events’ Staff to discuss the details.


Can I Show Picture Slides Or Videos During My Event?

Yes; However, they must be pre-screened and must be presented to the venue staff 36-48 Hours prior to your event to check format and compatibility with our system(s). There will be no offensive material allowed during any onsite Event.


Are Pets Allowed In The Event Venue?

This is another very good question. NO animals or pets of any kind/type/nature/breed/size are allowed within the venue except those certified as “service dogs”.  Please refer to current ADA TITLE III 28 CFR 35:130(b)(7), 36:104, 36:302(c)(1,2), 73FR 34466, 34504 for clarification(s) on the term.


If you think of any other questions that aren’t on here, please let us know and we’ll answer them to the best of our ability, knowledge and experience. We reserve the right to refuse event venue service to anyone or any entity without cause or reason. Also, please note that package prices and content, group sizes and onsite activities are subject to change without notification.


                                                                        ~~~ B.E. Events Staff ~~~


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